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Newsletter April 2020

TAX CALENDAR May 7 GST returns and payments for period ending 31 March. Provisional tax payments for standard balance dates, being 31...
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Newsletter October 2019

TAX CALENDAR October 28 Provisional Tax payments for ratio option customers and GST returns and payments November 28GST returns and payments for...
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Newsletter September 2019

TAX CALENDAR September 28 GST returns & Payments due for taxable period ending 31 August September 30Student Loan repayments due for overseas...
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Newsletter October 2018

TAX CALENDAR October 23, 2018 Quarterly FBT return and payment due October 29, 2018 Provisional tax instalments due for taxpayers  who file...
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Newsletter July 2018

TAX CALENDAR July 30, 2018 3rd instalment of 2018 provisional tax is due on the 28th July, however as this is Saturday...
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Newsletter July 2017

Inside this edition: Taxation of Distributions from Trusts, FIF – Australian Listed Shares Exemption, Employee Share Schemes- Startup Companie, Holiday Homes & GST

Newsletter October 2016

Inside this edition: 1. Income Protection Insurance 2. Gifts of Food & Drinks 3. Taxable Gains – Rezoning Changes 4. Relationship Property...
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Newsletter July 2016

Inside this edition: 1. Residential Land Withholding Tax (RLWT) 2. Foreign Trust Review 3. Employee Share Schemes 4. Australia 1. RESIDENTIAL LAND...
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