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Taxpayers who own holiday homes which are rented out should be aware that such rental will not constitute the supply of accommodation...
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Newsletter April 2016

Inside this edition:   GST & Subdivisions of Land R&D – Cashing out R&D Tax Losses Automatic Exchange of Information 1.         GST...
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Newsletter May 2015

Inside This Edition 1 Budget Property Tax Measures 2 Related Party Debt AIL/NRWT 3 GST Time of Supply Rules 4 Debt Remission...
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Newsletter March 2014

Inside this edition: GST & Non-residents, Multilateral Convention, Foreign Superannuation, Trusts & LTC’s

Newsletter May 2013

Inside this edition •  Budget May 2013 •  Trading Stock •  IRDs Take on Residence •  The Boat, the Batch & the...
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Newsletter August 2012

Inside this edition •  Tax Treatment of Lease Inducements •  GST – Land Sold with a Dwelling •  Upcoming Changes to Foreign...
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Tax Alert May 2012

Budget 2012 Yesterday’s Budget announcement contained two tax issues that were highlighted in the previous year’s Budget. Mixed Use Assets The first...
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Newsletter March 2012

Inside this edition •  Fees charged on Overdue Accounts •  Look Through Companies and Use of a Motor Vehicle •  Investors in Guiness...
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Newsletter June 2011

Inside this edition •  2011 Budget Update •  Goods and Services Tax (GST) & Land •  Commercial Fitout •  New Mileage Rate...
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