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Newsletter March 2016

Inside this edition: Company Tax Residence Bright Line Test – Property Lump Sum Settlement Payments Individual Tax Residence post Diamond Look Through...
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Tax Alert May 2012

Budget 2012 Yesterday’s Budget announcement contained two tax issues that were highlighted in the previous year’s Budget. Mixed Use Assets The first...
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Newsletter March 2012

Inside this edition •  Fees charged on Overdue Accounts •  Look Through Companies and Use of a Motor Vehicle •  Investors in Guiness...
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Newsletter August 2011

Inside This Edition •  Look Through Companies •  Use of Qualifying Company Transitional Process to Transition to Partnership •  Trusts and Abolition...
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Tax Alert June 2011

Look-Through Companies (LTCs) and Transactions with Shareholders In our March 2011 Newsletter, we made the comment that the ability to debt restructure...
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